Laraine Kaminsky

Affiliate Partner

Laraine Kaminsky is an Affiliate Partner of The FutureWork Institute who has lived and worked in more than 70 countries and brings her knowledge and resources from more than 20 years of working in the fields of diversity, inclusion, cross-cultural competence and women’s entrepreneurship to clients across the globe . She works across sectors to bring a better understanding of trends in the ever changing world and how to develop a “Global Mindset”. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies and public sector organisations. She has worked with global organizations to take their domestic diversity programs and initiatives to different geographies.

She is a versatile strategic thinker, educator, facilitator, speaker, consultant and coach who has focused on global diversity, immigration, inclusion, language training and settlement, cultural competence and mentoring. She has keen analytical and consultative skills in a dynamic, niche area of complex human relations, diversity management and leadership. She is recognized as an innovative and inspirational speaker, and thought leader by national and international organizations and associations.

Laraine’s contribution and commitment to her field of expertise has been recognized through her nomination as a finalist for the Women’s Business Achievement Award in Canada’s capital city. Her ability to communicate the complexities of cultural communication is best demonstrated in her writings. She has authored many articles relating to diversity and cross-cultural communication and is a noted speaker among many national and international associations and organizations.

In her global work, Laraine has:

  • Delivered training programs in Belgium, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, South Africa, and Turkey, among others
  • Worked with virtual teams in China and India to work with their North American counterparts
  • Delivered keynote speeches in Australia, Brasil Chile, England, France, Haiti, Mexico, South Africa
  • Prepared thousands of peacekeepers for international operations going into Bosnia, Egypt, Haiti, Israel, Kosovo, Rwanda and others
  • Accompanied Prime Minister Chrétien as a cultural, gender and aboriginal youth advisor on a Team Canada visit to four South American countries
  • Spoken on Global Diversity, cross cultural competence and generational issues and how they impact on the workplace, teams and organizations from recruitment to outplacement
  • Participated as a member of The Global Banking Alliance for Women Entrepreneurs as a speaker in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and Vancouver, Canada
  • Designed and delivered “Bias Aware” training to human resources professionals, recruiters, government selection boards and committees
  • Designed and delivered Diversity Mentoring in order to bridge gaps based on gender and culture
  • Been a regular presenter for Federated Press, Linkages on Diversity and Inclusive Hiring seminar series
  • Been a featured speaker at Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and HRPAO on Religion and Cultural Accommodations in the Workplace.

Laraine is a Qualified IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) Administrator and a Cultural Orientations Indicator Tool Consultant. She takes a well-rounded approach to expanding her own competence, and draws from life experience, study, research, and travel – in particular, she enjoys exploring a culture from the seat of her bicycle.