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What Our Clients Have Said

“You have moved me more in 5 months than anyone has in the last 5 years.” – CEO who attended our executive session

“I have to take this personally. This is my company. If people feel this way in my house, I have to do something to change it.” – COO who reacted to employee data in an executive session

“I had no idea there were four worlds at my company. I thought everyone saw the company the same way I do. What an eye-opening discussion!” – Division Head, after an exchange with a person of color at a TP session

“I really lack cultural competence when it comes to dealing with difficult issues globally. What can I read? How can I learn more?” – Division executive with new global responsibilities

“The Learning Rooms were fabulous! I was so sorry I couldn’t attend all of them. I wish my wife could have been at Genderflex. You left us wanting more…” – Line manager at the end of Learning Room sessions