Our Partner, TMAWorld

TMA World

For over 15 years, TMA World has been a leader in developing talent for the evolving global workplace. Working with many of the most respected companies in the world, they enable people at all levels and locations to lead and collaborate across distances and difference.

Talent is all around us. Harnessing and developing that talent is a key challenge facing every organization. Across 35 countries, TMA applies a combination of experiential workshops and e-learning methodologies to develop leaders with world class management skills, working practices and global mindsets. FWI partners with TMA World to develop cultural competency in those clients who work with customers, partners and suppliers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This includes the use of TMA World’s unique cultural profiling and briefing platform, the Country Navigator™.

Country Navigator: Worldprism Profiler

Whether you are moving overseas, doing business across borders or leading a global team, to be highly effective in today’s international arena you need a deeper cross-cultural understanding. Our partner TMA’s Country Navigator™ is a web-based tool that gives you valuable insight on how to successfully interact with people from different cultures.

When you click below for your free demo, you will learn about:

  • Worldprism Profiler™ – A unique diagnostic tool that enables you to perform an analysis of your own cultural preferences and compare yourself against colleagues, teams and countries.
  • Country Information – In-depth information on Culture & Lifestyle, Business Skills, Security and Travel Information for over 45 of the world’s leading business cultures.
  • Flight Pack – A personal report generator that enables you to quickly compile a downloadable collection of resources and information tailored to areas of your personal interest.
  • Navigator Notes – A networking tool that enables you and others in your organization to share your own personal experiences of doing business in selected countries.

To register for a virtual tour and an immediate online demonstration of the Country Navigator™, simply click the link below. Your account will be generated and your password will be automatically emailed to the address you supply.

Country Navigator Demo