3D Printed Clothes

From 3D printed houses, we end this week with 3D printed fashion.  As you would expect with any new technology, 3D printing of clothing gravitates towards contemporary design and most intricate shapes, which do an excellent job demonstrating all the potential and promises of such design, accessible for production at home—perfect fit to your size and shape; very little waste; no e-commerce or shipping costs, and the ability to dissolve the material and print out something new for another fashion look!

Today, many progressive designers and brands are manufacturing clothes, shoes and accessories using different methods of 3D printing. Despite conventional wisdom and forecasts on the increasing pace of technology development, all of the experts agree: 3D printed clothes and shoes are the next step towards customization and sustainability that will change the model of production.

Danit Peleg, a Tel Aviv-based designer on the cutting edge of 3D-printed apparel comments that “we used to buy CDs, and we had to go to the physical stores to get music and now we can just download it everywhere. I believe that the same thing will happen with fashion eventually — clothes will become more and more digital.”

So, we invite you to end this week with a 3-D printed Fashion Show…

The Future of Fashion: 3D Printed Clothing Fashion Show


…Then move to the idea of printing clothing in your own home…

Printing Clothing in Your Own Home


…and finally, get some insights into how it will impact the business of fashion.

3D Printing and the Future of the Fashion Business