3D Printed Food

As promised, here is the second Future Trend Card on 3D Printed Food with the link to the article by Futurist, Thomas Frey, who poses some questions:

“What if we could take all of those bruised and damaged apples and turn them all into “perfect apples” – perfect size, perfect color, perfect crunch when we bite into them, and the perfect sweet juicy flavor and aroma that makes our mouth water every time we think about them? What if it were possible for you to ‘print’ a perfectly shaped spoon, shaped specifically to fit your mouth with a handle shaped to fit your hand? What if it were possible to print a full plate of your favorite food that filled you up, yet was perfectly aligned with the number of calories and nutrition your body demanded to stay in optimal health? What if it were possible to first print the can and then the soup that went into it? Or from a different perspective, what if you were able to print the bottle, and then the wine and cork that goes into it?

Click the link below to explore the future of 3D printed food as well as guitars, bikes, cars, blood vessels and bones:

Source: https://www.futuristspeaker.com/business-trends/the-coming-food-printer-revolution/