Joel O’Loughlin

Associate Consultant

Joel O’Loughlin is an Affiliate Consultant in London with The FutureWork Institute with over 20 years experience in the training and organisational development field at the executive level. He has worked with a wide range of organisations at local, national and international levels and has an established network which spans Africa, Europe, USA and the Caribbean. Joel is highly regarded as:

  • A charismatic and engaging presenter
  • A deeply experienced and innovative facilitator and trainer
  • A leading expert and practitioner in the field of Diversity Management
  • A quality leader and project manager
  • Committed to inclusive practices and demonstrating the business case for good practice


  • Delivered on average 150 training interventions per year, in the past decade, on a wide range of Diversity and Leadership topics.
  • Led Diversity Excellence Workshops with Fortune 500 companies in the USA and Europe, e.g. Herbert Smith, Zurich Financial Services, MacQuarie Bank, Abbey National, BAE Systems, Airbus UK
  • Carried out D&I Organisation Assessments in Pitney Bowes, CNN, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs
  • Trained leaders at Powergen in managing diversity
  • Trained commercial managers in Transport for London in diversity management
  • Undertook work with the United Nations ILO on the development of a new standard for ethical business
  • Designed and delivered Liverpool City Council’s equality and diversity training programme. This consists of a number of courses delivered to 19,000 staff within the broad equalities remit including one and two day courses in diversity and cultural awareness; domestic violence; equality in procurement; valuing diversity; race equality, disability awareness, sexual orientation good practice and faith in the workplace .
  • Delivered the groundbreaking Committed to Change programme for Brighton & Sussex University Hospital (BSUH) which involved reviewing the Trusts monitoring processes and delivering a strategic programme to meet identified gaps in performance.
  • Extensive experience of developmental work with all equalities affinity groups including recent work with the Roma Gypsy community in Kent as commissioned by the Equality & Human Rights Commission.
  • Designed the impact assessment process and impact assessed a wide range of policies with a team of NHS leaders, including facilitating workshops and providing training.
  • Coached a broad range of executives

Joel has extensive experience in engaging leaders and decision makers gained in the roles of:

  • Director of Project Fullemploy positive action lead agency
  • Merseyside Business Link Board member
  • Chair of the National Urban Forum
  • Founder Board of the influential Black training & Enterprise Group
  • Member of the Home Office Advisory Council on Race
  • Commissioner on the Deakin Commission into the Future of the Voluntary Sector
  • National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Board member