Lucie Hammond

Affiliate Partner

Lucie Hammond, Founder of BeingVR, is an entrepreneur with a huge amount of energy for experiential learning, growth and realising people potential through emerging technology. With a background in corporate communications, change, psychotherapy and executive coaching she is well placed to explore high performance in the digital age.

Lucie is a 2016 graduate of Silicon Valley’s tech accelerator, The Founder Institute, and an active participant in the start up and innovation ecosystem in Australia. She was a finalist in the Duke of York, Prince Andrew’s Pitch at Palace competition in 2017, sits on the Women in Technology Committee in Western Australia (WiTWA), and was recognised as part of Techboard’s Highest Trending Female Founded Start up and Tech Companies of 2017. She is a thought leader on learning and engagement in the virtual world and continues to push the boundaries of immersive and interactive technology for human benefit.

Being VR is an edutech start-up pioneering interactive virtual reality experiences to close the skills gap for the future of work, with a focus on soft skills and 21st century people skills. We are committed to the UN’s sustainable education goal to substantially increase relevant skills, employment and entrepreneurship for youth and adults.