Doctor Visits

At the April DEI Futures Project Event, The FutureWork Institute, The Centre for Global Inclusion’s co-creator of this Project, agreed to share with Project participants the trends used to inform our thinking. We agreed to send one or two cards a week so that they could be read and used in an effective way. Please note that these “Future Trends Cards” will each have a link to encourage you to read more about the trend.

As we continue to work on the proceedings from the DEI Futures Project, we are encouraging participants to keep developing their DEI Future Focus by sending cards this week and the weeks that follow until we have gone through all 100 trends The FutureWork Institute provided during the Event. Remember that these are “predictions” aimed at getting us to think differently about the marketplace, workplace and workforce of the future.

Here is the first one about doctor visits in 2030.

Follow the link for the article in which Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems as well as a partner in a few venture capital firms, proposed that a “good machine learning system not only would be cheaper, more accurate and objective, but also effectively replace 80 percent of doctors simply by being better than the average doctor.” To illustrate his point, “he held up an EKG attachment to the iPhone which was just one of many consumer directed products in the pipeline his company has invested in.”