Two Billion Jobs Disappearing

In today’s future trend, we move towards jobs that disappear and new industries that appear. Follow the link to learn more about jobs in the future. Explore the shifts in the power industry, which jobs will go away and which will be created as “technologies will shift utilities around the world from national grids to micro grids that can be scaled from a single home to entire cities. The dirty power era will finally be over and the power lines that dangle menacingly over our neighborhoods, will begin to come down. While the industry will go through a long-term shrinking trend, the immediate shift will cause many new jobs to be created.”

As driverless cars change the auto industry, “we will see the first wave of autonomous vehicles hit the roads, with some of the first inroads made by vehicles that deliver packages, groceries, and fast-mail envelopes. Driverless technology will initially require a driver, but it will quickly creep into everyday use much as airbags did. First as an expensive option for luxury cars, but eventually it will become a safety feature stipulated by the government.” See the list of auto industry jobs that will go away and those that will be created.

In the world of education, “the OpenCourseware Movement has shown us, courses are becoming a commodity. Teachers only need to teach once, record it, and then move on to another topic or something else. In the middle of all this we are transitioning from a teaching model to a learning model. Why do we need to wait for a teacher to take the stage in the front of the room when we can learn whatever is of interest to us at any moment? Teaching requires experts. Learning only requires coaches. With all of the assets in place, we are moving quickly into the new frontier of a teacherless education system.”

In terms of new jobs being created, explore the photos and examples from the 3D Printing industry and the world of Bots. In the final thoughts section, it is acknowledged that we “are not well-equipped culturally and emotionally to have this much technology entering into our lives. There will be backlashes, ’destroy the robots’ or ‘damn the driverless car’ campaigns with proposed legislation attempting to limit its influence.”

Are you ready to upgrade your workforce to meet these new opportunities