Gene-Edited Babies

Recent announcements by Russian and Chinese scientists state that, despite the objections of many in the scientific community, they will continue to create CRISPR-edited babies. Russian Biologist The Russian molecular biologist Denis Rebrikov is working to create gene-edited babies following a Chinese scientist who claimed to have created twins from edited embryos last year. Rebrikov plans to disable the gene, … Read More

Deepfake Video and Audio Recordings

Recent newscasts, scientific reports and blogs have been filled with articles on how deepfakes are eroding our trust in truth as they rapidly advance into the mainstream. By 2030, speech synthesis will be a reality everywhere, coupled with deepfake videos. Deepfake Audio The Google of China, Baidu, has just released a white paper showing its latest development in artificial intelligence … Read More

3D Printed Neighborhoods

Today, there are more than a billion people living without safe shelter. And today, we see the beginnings of what will become more common by 2030: 3-D printed neighborhoods built to tackle the problem of housing more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional building. This summer, New Story, the non-profit behind the new neighborhood, will start the first … Read More

Defining What It Means to be Human

Some of you noticed there was a gap in the Future Trend cards sent during April. I was in India speaking at a FutureFluent D&I Summit on India 2030 and then running a session on 2030 Game Changers. Then went to Geneva to speak on that topic at the UN WSIS (World Summit on Information Technology) Conference and also to … Read More

AI Creates Photorealistic People Who Do Not Exist

A tech company, DataGrid,  housed on the campus of Japan’s Kyoto University, has developed a deep learning algorithm which generates high-resolution, photorealistic images of people — faces, hair, outfits, and all — from scratch. Past attempts to create photorealistic portraits focused just on generating faces. These faces had flaws like asymmetrical ears or jewelry, bizarre teeth, and glitchy blotches of … Read More

Robot Police Officer

It seems that a week does not go by without someone announcing a new robot. This week it is India in the news with the Kerala Police swearing in its first RoboCop named KP-Bot—the first in the country. With the stated aim of introducing technology into policing, the KP-Bot will greet visitors and direct them to different places, set up … Read More

Robot Reporters

We’ve focused on Robot News Anchors and Robot Educators. This week, we move to Robot Reporters, as many newspapers have turned to AI tools. Bloomberg uses Cyborg, to help reporters with articles on company earnings reports. Robot reporters have produced of articles on minor league baseball for The Associated Press, high school football for The Washington Post and earthquakes for … Read More

Robotic Educators

Our last trend email introduced the idea of robotic news reporters as the world’s first AI News Anchor made its debut In China. Today, we move to the education sphere  and introduce the idea of humanoid robotic educators with the example of a humanoid robot that gave a lecture in a West Point Philosophy Course. A teacher with a robotic … Read More

Robotic News Anchors

Well, each week, more robots seem to appear, and this week was no different. The world’s first AI News Anchor made its debut In China. An English version of the AI anchor, essentially a clone of a real anchor, opens with an introduction to the new news service feature. “Hello everyone, I’m an English artificial intelligence anchor. This is my … Read More

CRISPR’s Potential to Cure 13 Diseases

As we pointed out in earlier 2030 Trend emails, CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene therapies are poised to revolutionize medicine. Using the CRISPR system, researchers can precisely edit any target DNA locus – a feat that was not achievable using other gene editing tools. The possibility to edit a disease mutation to correct genetic errors creates opportunities for treating conditions that have long … Read More