A Dramatically Different World

You need to copy this for both Trend Card 11 and 12 since we put them together when we sent them out. This week, we have put two 2030 trends together, since they are both from the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds report. Global Trends 2030 was intended to stimulate thinking about the rapid and vast geopolitical … Read More

From Hospitals to Home-spitals

This article for the World Economic Forum was written by Melanie Walker MD, the co-chair of the Neurotechnology & Brain Science Future Council and Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington and an adjunct at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In it, she reflects on the developments in her 20 years of medical practice … Read More

Space Travel and Tourism

We will have a “Space economy” by 2030. According to the World Economic Forum, humans will once again walk on the surface of the moon, this time fueled by a revolution in how we move beyond Earth. In 2018, it is the private sector working with the public sector that is fueling the move from the surface of the planet … Read More

3D Printed Clothes

From 3D printed houses, we end this week with 3D printed fashion.  As you would expect with any new technology, 3D printing of clothing gravitates towards contemporary design and most intricate shapes, which do an excellent job demonstrating all the potential and promises of such design, accessible for production at home—perfect fit to your size and shape; very little waste; … Read More

3D Printed Houses

3D concrete printing is developing rapidly and relies on different technologies and materials, offering many benefits to its users. This Trend Card email includes links to three 2018 articles about the future of printed buildings and housing. Make sure to look at some of the photos, and you might be amazed at what these buildings/houses look like! In a single day, … Read More

Driverless Cars

As the pilotless planes move from the conceptual to the building stage, the technology to not only build, market and sell, but put driverless cars on our streets is already here. In this July 2018 article, the Boston Consulting Group estimates that, by 2030, nearly a quarter of “all miles driven” in the US will be from shared self-driving cars. … Read More


Currently, there is a great deal of controversy over cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. Despite its cyclical and volatile behavior, a number of futurists, however, feel strongly that this market will continue to grow. The rise of cryptocurrencies over the past couple years represents “the legitimization of a new asset class emerging alongside the traditional global economy,” … Read More

Hyper-Individualized Medicine

Professor Lee Cronin heads up a world-class team of 45 researchers at Glasgow University in Scotland. His team has figured out how to turn a 3D printer into a sort of universal chemistry set capable of “printing” prescription drugs via downloadable chemistry. Professor Cronin’s latest TED talk dealt with the simple question: “Can we make a really cool universal chemistry … Read More

Two Billion Jobs Disappearing

In today’s future trend, we move towards jobs that disappear and new industries that appear. Follow the link to learn more about jobs in the future. Explore the shifts in the power industry, which jobs will go away and which will be created as “technologies will shift utilities around the world from national grids to micro grids that can be … Read More